About the instructor

So really quickly though, you might be wondering why you should even be listening to me in the first place.

Well, my name is David and I run TheUnlockr.com, a technology site with over 250,000 monthly impressions, and YouTube.com/TheUnlockr, a technology-based YouTube channel with over 600,000 subscribers.

I don't have a huge team. In fact, I produce all of my content on all of my platforms, from the blog to YouTube to all of the other social networks. I research, write, film, edit, promote, and distribute all of my content on my own.

On top of that, I also run a fully functional store that ships products from the site all over the world, I personally handle the customer service for that store, have syndicated my content to other publications, hosted other videos for brands like Panasonic and Google, and work on a regular basis to create branded content with some of the top technology brands like Samsung, Qualcomm, Huawei, Microsoft, Brother, HP, Bose, Marshall and many others.

Now, after doing this as my sole career for the last 12 years and being asked over and over by individuals and businesses on how they can learn to do things I've done from within the plethora of fields I've had to work in for my business. Things like SEO for the site and YouTube channel; fulfillment of product sales; content creation for YouTube, the site, and social channels; sales, contracts and negotiations for brand deals; Facebook/Google ads for marketing products, web design and coding for the theme I made for my site from scratch, etc.

So, I've finally decided to sit down and actually try and get all of this knowledge out to maybe help others in a collection of courses for anyone interested in simply being more effective at using the internet to generate income through content creation, advertising, or just help themselves create an online brand so they can stand out when they apply for jobs even.

This section took me forever to write as I'm not very good at writing about myself, but I hope I at least gave you enough background to understand why I might be the person to help you figure all this out :)

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